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Captions On Live Video Streams: Are You Compliant?
Closed captioning on live or recorded video is mandatory in many countries, and becomes an integrated feature of online video publishing. The Uvault media platform provides closed captining support for online video at no extra cost. Click here to see an example showing a live stream with closed captions visible on any playback device. We have developed an easy to use solution that integrates with most broadcasters workflow. Customers with a live streaming plan can now ingest closed captioning to their live streams without the need to develop expensive apps and players. Customers with recorded files can upload their media and closed captioning files through a web interface, click and paste the Uvault media player, and display closed captioning on their media.

Cloud Media Platform & Distribution
Uvault® media platform offers easy to use web management tools built over a cloud based content delivery network (CDN). With data centers in Asia, North America and Europe we deliver streaming video to any device, allowing fast scalability and redundancy.

Multi-Stream, Multi Device Support
Need to stream to computers, tablets, smartphones, and over-the-top (OTT) devices? No problem: copy & paste the Uvault Universal Player simple HTML code and stream archived or live video to any screen. Worried about the cost or complexity of broadcasting multiple streaming formats? No problem - send us 1 live stream, and see how we convert it in real time to multiple outputs that play on any device.

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With data centers in Asia, North America, and Europe, Uvault offers practical workflow automation for online media creation and publishing targeting government and businesses worldwide. Services include web-based content management console for live video and media on-demand, closed captioning support, secure streaming and audience reporting.
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